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Project's outline

The goal of the present project is to conduct a complex of activities aimed at creating in regions of Russia, including the North-Western Federal District, necessary and adequate conditions to provide open access for the population (citizens, non-commercial organizations, experts, etc.) to viewable, rapid and reliable information on republican, regional and local budgets, to organize budgetary monitoring and get citizens involved in local budgets formation as well as in exerting control over budgetary processes.
    To achieve the goals set, the following activities are expected to be carried out:
  • To create and ensure steady functioning of the System of budgetary processes monitoring in regions of the Russian Federation.
  • To ensure efficient functioning and updating of the Web-portal "Open budget. Regions of Russia", in order to provide informational and analytical support for the work of non-commercial organizations and Russian citizens, as well as of governmental bodies, aimed at increasing budget transparence.
  • To hold 4 problem-dealing and instructional seminars on open budget formation in the regions of the Russian Federation for representatives of the regional and local authorities, as well as for leaders and other representatives of non-commercial (voluntary) organizations, with representatives of all seven Federal Districts of Russia involved.
  • To organize distance learning on budget-related issues for representatives of state-owned and non-state organizations of the Russian North-West and other regions of the RF.
  • To hold the 2nd International Scientific and Practical Conference on "Budgetary policy of regions, cities and communes in the European North" in 2002 and the 3rd International Conference on "Budgetary policy of cities and regions of Russia" in 2003.
  • To organize consultations and discussions on the formation of and control over republican, regional and local budgets, using new distance-communication technologies via the global computer network, Internet.
  • To create a network of the project's regional representatives in 10 republics/regions of the Russian North-West and 7 Federal Districts of the RF.
  • Project's Public Relations
Project's realization is expected to result in a complex of informational, educational, analytical and organizational activities related to budgetary monitoring and open budgets formation in cities/districts, republics/regions in the North-West of Russia and in regions of the other Federal Districts. This will permit interested citizens and non-commercial organizations to receive rapid, viewable and reliable information about budgets, whereas regional and city authorities are supposed to have prompt feedback with the population.

The present project is needed to create favourable conditions for both the development of regional and local government and more active participation of citizens and voluntary organizations in the process of political and economic decision-making on the regional and local levels.

The present project is needed for regional and municipal organs of government for the following purposes: to improve conditions for regional and local budget formation, to create prerequisites for working out optimum strategies for the regions' development, to attract Russian and foreign investments to these regions, to govern social and economic processes, as well as to raise the efficiency of regional and municipal management, bringing it in conformity with international standards.
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